As anyone using Standard Bank’s Internet Banking service will know, you can have your bank account provisional statements regularly emailed to an address of your choice. However, one cannot get the transaction records into any accounting or financial management software without retyping everything in. The emailed statements have very limited usability beyond being a static snapshot of what your account looked like at the time the email was sent.

For users of any of the popular personal financial management software packages, such as Microsoft™ Money or Intuit™ Quicken™, this can be especially disappointing as there is no way of getting the data into any of these packages without painstakingly typing it all in.

Although Standard Bank’s provisional statements can now be downloaded in a format that can be read by your favourite accounts or financial planner, all those account statements you have been downloading for months, still need to be manually typed in to create that valuable history that Microsoft™ Money or Intuit™ Quicken™ need to create those fancy spending analysis charts and future projections. And if you miss a download, that email will not be of much help either

SimTech has addressed this oversight with a solution that enables you to import all your emailed Standard Bank statements into Microsoft Money or Intuit Quicken, past and future. The SimTech emailed statement reader even fixes bugs in Standard Bank’s statements; for example, ever notice that there is no year in the any of the emailed statement transactions, or that the downloaded market link account transaction records show the wrong year, if they span a year end. There are lots more, see “How it works” for a list of features.


How does it work

Once installed, the Standard Bank Statement Converter works quietly in the background, seamlessly converting emailed Standard Bank statements into a format that can be understood by both Microsoft Money and Intuit Quicken and automatically importing the transaction records into your personal financial management software.



Try it now

Tired of manually typing in your statement? Well now you don’t have to. You can download the SimTech Standard Bank Statement Converter to try at your leisure.



Register the SimTech Statement Reader

One thing you can be sure of is that Standard Bank will continue to make improvements and upgrades to the Internet Banking service; and each time this happens, an unforeseen event will cause something to either break or behave unexpectedly.

Registering your SimTech software provides you with some protection against the volatility of change.